Winter Warmer Team Challenge 2016


As we started putting the Winter Warmer Team Challenge 2016 together and letting people in on the details bit by bit, the excitement grew. We knew from the very start that this was going to be an awesome challenge. It encapsulates everything about Beachside Personal Trainers.

Not just the killer fat melting workouts or the healthy food and amazing family friendly recipes but something we think is even more important. The support, the camaraderie, the team spirit. Basically what it means to be part of the Beachside Family.

There were PLENTY of obstacles and hurdles thrown in our challenger’s way but nothing was going stop these guys get the outstanding results they deserved. Here is how it all finished up-

As a team, in the 28 day Winter Warmer Team Challenge 2016, we-
-Lost 438.6 kilos!!!!
-Dropped 482 body age years!
-Shed 2,536.7 centimetres!!!

We also averaged…
-1:04 faster for 1km run,
-8 more pushups in a minute (chest-to-ground),
-20 more crunches in a minute!

Honourable mentions to-
Aaron Monie who lost 10.8kgs!
Richard Prouse who lost 14cm off his waist
Fiona Taylor-Wilson who lost 15.2 cms from her stomach
Karen Ellis who lost 13.3 cms from her hips

Warren Bell who ran 1km in 3:11
Josh Denton who did 61 pushups in 1 minute
Debra Neden-Masters who held a squat for 13 minutes
Jay Van Meegen who did 211 mountain climbers in a minute
John Rhodes who did 109 crunches in 1 minute
Julie Thomas who held a plank for 11 minutes

Lorraine Southwell who improved her 1km run time by 4:37
Joanne Crandell who improved her pushups by 30
Col Couchman who increased his squat hold by 5 minutes
Jenny Whyte who improved her mountain climbers by 98
Adam Kusa who increased his crunches by 56
Julie Thomas who increased her plank by 6 minutes.

BUT… The winners are;

Tim McNamara won the body transformation and scored a new pair of shoes thanks to The Athletes Foot Shellharbour

Jenny Whyte won the fitness transformation and also scored a new pair of shoes thanks to The Athletes Foot Shellharbour

Karen Ellis who won the challenger’s choice award and picked up an active wear package thanks to UCHI in the Village

And the team who won the total point score was…

The Gut Busters! which comprised of Josh Denton, Carly Denton, Jenny Whyte and Jess Whyte.

They have won themselves a 6 week Specialised Personal Training Package from Beachside Personal Trainers,

A team photo shoot thanks to Sernig Photography (weddings by Norbert and Anita)

and a team dinner thanks to Suashan Indian Restaurant Shellharbour!

A big thanks to all the challengers who participated. You’ve made some lifelong friends and now because of your new lifestyle, those lives should be even longer! Haha.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the next challenge!