Beachside 2016 No Excuses Body Transformation Challenge

28 Days. That is all it took to transform this group regular Joes into super heroes.

We started the Beachside 2016 No Excuses Body Transformation Challenge bright and early on a Saturday morning. Bleary eyed members got up at the crack of dawn, met down at the beach and nervously waited to see what they were up for. They knew it would be hard work, strenuous exercise and healthy eating, but how hard? they were about to find out.

1 1/2 hours later bodies with heaving chests were strewn about the grass. Faces were red and slick with sweat. But there was a sense of determination. There’s a feeling you get when you have just proved to yourself how far your mind and body can go and our newest recruits just felt it.

The best part is it wasn’t me who pushed them. I simply set the tasks and started the timer. I am so proud to say that the newest members of our Beachside Family plus a few that have been around the block before pushed themselves as hard as they could go. I was so proud seeing the results and effort that went into the first fitness test but 28 days later I was absolutely blown away!

During the Transformation Challenge everyone stepped up there game. More sessions were completed, even more effort was being put in and food was no longer for stuffing our faces with but fuel for keeping this amazing machine going. Alcohol was going unopened, sweets were being declined and leftovers were being put away for another day. I knew this challenge was going to be a good one.

It was amazing to see the people who were struggling just 3 weeks ago were powering through workouts. The ones who didn’t know a carrot from a sweet potato were whipping up delicious, healthy, gourmet meals but most importantly I love to see the group grow closer. We start with a bunch of people with the same plans and goals but we finish with a close knit, supportive group I like to call the Beachside Family.

Finally the morning of the results tracking session rolled around and once again every beachside rose to the occasion and gave it their all. that day I locked myself away in the dungeon, chained myself to the desk and started crunching the numbers. The stats of this challenge blew me away. They were outstanding.

Sunday morning we all got up and took the drive over the mountain for a leisurely stroll along the Fitzroy Falls track to loosen some stiff and sore muscles and do a little relaxing and bonding without getting interrupted by the threat of burpees. After our morning bush walk we were greeted by a delicious meal and a long awaited beverage at a local winery and went through the results and presented some awards.

So after 4 weeks of staying on the straight and narrow, eating healthily and seeing what their bodies could do, how did they stack up? Let me tell you. Their results were fantastic! See for yourself-


Challenge Records

Fastest 1st 1km Run           Rob 3:52        Jac 3:59

Fastest 30 rep sets             Mel 5:21         Mick 5:58       Kelly 6:08

Fastest 50 rep sets             John 7:03       Jac 7:23          Rob 7:28        Amanda 7:40

Fastest 2nd 1km Run          Rob 4:22        Bek 4:29         Pete 4:42

Longest Plank                      Pete 6:00       Mandy 5:18   Mel 3:30


Average Improvement By The Group

1st 1km Run                        35 sec             10%

Fitness Test                        2:11                25%

2nd 1km Run                      52 sec             13%

Plank                                   44 sec             28%

Overall Time                      4:24


Most Improved Fitness Tests

1st 1km Run                        Tracey 2:00   Col 1:25

Sets of 30                            Dieter 5:22    Col 4:53          Joanne 2:59

Sets of 50                            John 8:08       Jenny 3:57     Cass 3:29       Kristen 2:02

2nd 1km Run                      Brad 3:18       Karen 2:04    Ash 2:02

Plank                                   Leigh 3:49      Mandy 2:48   Pete 1:57

Overall                                John 10:45     Jenny 6:41


Most Improved Measurements

Muscle %                             Leigh 3.4        Mel 2.8           Jayde 2.8        Ash 2.6

Body Age                              Ash 6              Bek 6               Brad 6             Mick 5

Visceral Fat                         Leigh 4           Mick 2              John 2            Col 2

Waist cms                           John 9.8          Lynsay 6.9      Bek 8.7

Body Fat mms                    Mick 13          Les 13                Ash 12

Weight Kg                           Mick 7.8          Col 6.1             Brad 5.5         Karen 4.9

Body Fat %                          Leigh 6.8        Mel 5.2            Bek 5              Jayde 5


Challenger’s Choice – Jayde Miller


I’d just like to say  big congrats to all the winners of course, all the participants for putting in 110%, all the Beachsiders who were there encouraging and motivating our Challengers and to all the family members for their support of our Challengers over the last 4 weeks.

You have all done such an amazing job and I have a few surprises in stall for all of you to not only keep your amazing results, but to build on them and ensure you reach your new even higher goals!

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