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I Decided To Take Control

unnamed-7In April 2016 I decided to take control of my fitness and nutrition and join the Beachside Personal Trainers 28 Day Challenge. This was my before photo… It’s now 12 months on and I am so proud of where I’m at. A big thanks to Kieran Sernig and the team at Beachside for your continuous support and motivation throughout.


Thanks For Pushing Me To The Next Level

penne kusa 2penne kusa1At 30 years old I was lonely and depressed thinking “how could anyone love me at 132kgs?”. Then I met Adam who really loved me for me not what I looked like. He believed in me and that made me believe in myself.
I started walking and doing Aqua aerobics and really started thinking about the portion size I was eating. I then fell pregnant at 87kgs and ended up back at to 101kgs. I wanted to set a good example for our daughter Grace so I got down to 78kgs and our friends Brad and Jayde asked us to join a Beachside Team Challenge.
Adam and I loved it so much so we joined. I love the friendly supportive atmosphere and I have met so many wonderful inspiring people. My fitness has improved so much and I have started to love running, I have already lost 8kgs in the short time since starting with Beachside but I have gained so much more in friendships, confidence and being kinder to myself.
Thanks to all the amazing trainers who are so motivating and push you to the next level even when you think in your mind you cant get there.
Penne Kusa, Albion Park
I Have Truly Become A Different Person

I Have Truly Become A Different Person

I was a happy, outgoing and loving person and all of a sudden, in what seemed to be overnight, I became an unhappy, overweight, cranky and angry person.

During my pregnancy I put on over 43kgs and now being a mum I found myself becoming extremely tired, unmotivated and removing myself from the world.  At only 27 years of age this was terrifying me. I had never weighed this much before nor had I felt the way I felt ever in my life.

I was dodging mirrors, making excuses for eating what I ate and would never venture outside. I became a person that I didn’t know anymore and a person my husband didn’t know, my marriage was at rock bottom. Then I started a journey of a different path and began a nutritional cleansing program where I shed over 20kgs in 90 days.

From then I felt a little more comfortable venturing out and wanted to become a fitter and healthier person. This is when I started training with Beachside Personal Trainers.

In as little as 4 months of training with Beachside I have not only shed another 10kgs and dropped 3 clothing sizes I have gained fitness, strength, happiness and so much more. It is now a part of me and could not imagine my life without it or the family and friends I have made from Beachside.

Kieran and Michele have embraced me as a person and made me feel like I can achieve what I set out to achieve. When I started training with Beachside I wasn’t able to run. Kieran spent time with me and taught me how to run and gave me pointers which I then adapted to my stride and I am now running whenever I can just for fun.

I have truly become a different person since my journey with Beachside began. I cannot even describe how thankful I am to Beachside Personal Trainers for giving me a fighting chance to become the person I wanted to be and push me to be an even better person than I ever imagined to be.

I Have Lost Over 25 Kilos!

I Have Lost Over 25 Kilos!

Isn’t it funny the excuses you tell yourself? When my weight ballooned over a two year period I told myself all sorts of things. Things like… it didn’t matter if I was a bit overweight, the average women is a size 14 right? What did it matter if I’d gain a few more kilo’s, I had a husband that loved me.

I told my chubby self lots of silly things to try to make myself feel better, feel happy with my new found curves, feel comfortable, but it never worked. The reason? I wasn’t happy, or comfortable. I felt terrible! I hardly recognised myself anymore.

So how did I get to that point? My journey to become a mum was not an easy one for me and contributed to my weight getting out of control. Combine years of fertility medications with extreme comfort eating and you have yourself a problem. For me, that was an extra 20+kg and I was in the worst shape of my life.
When I finally fell pregnant I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. That was the catalyst for me. I remember the Diabetes Educator saying that if I didn’t maintain a good diet and exercise regime I had a 50% chance of developing type 2 diabetes later in life. I made a promise to myself that day that I would never let that happen. I wanted to be a fit, healthy and active Mum. I didn’t want to be a Mum that sat on the sidelines because I was too self-conscious about my weight or was too unfit.

Lost over 25 kilosThat’s where Beachside Personal Trainers comes in. I was so apprehensive about joining as I’d never exercised with anybody let alone in a group session! I hadn’t done a push up since primary school and I had never even heard of a ‘mountain climber’ before! I was so far out of my comfort zone but with Kieran and Michele’s help I faced my fears and before long you couldn’t keep me away.
In 5 short months I have lost over 25 kilos, taken 15 years off my body age and increased my fitness more than I ever imagined possible. When I first signed up I expected to lose a bit of weight but what I didn’t expect was to make some lifelong friends and become part of a truly incredible team. It’s called the Beachside Family and it really is that- we all help each other to achieve things we never thought possible.

My advice to anyone out there thinking about joining, just do it. Do it today – it’ll be the best thing you ever did!

Skye Mulley, Shell Cove

I have lost over 50kgs

I have lost over 50kgs

Until I met Kieran I had struggled with my weight my entire adult life.

I played Rugby Union from the age of 14 and my position was prop, where I was encouraged to be big. My diet consisted mainly of pies, beer and pizza.

I’ve always been active but never in control of my diet. In 2003 I dislocated my elbow and had to have surgery which led to 14 months off work. This is when I got to my worst: not working or playing rugby I got severely depressed so I ate more and drank even more, I was soon at a weight of 126kg.

I have lost over 50kgsI lost a lot of weight just from returning to work and being active again, but never really got in control of my diet. It wasn’t until I met Kieran in 2014 that I started to understand nutrition and exercise.
I was recovering from a serious back injury, I was 102kg and was depressed again. I saw Kieran had a 6 week challenge going, this is when both my wife Bek and I decided to take charge of our lives. During that 6 weeks I lost 10 kilos, re-discovered a love for training in a group and found a passion for running (which I didn’t think I could ever possess). That year I ran my first half marathon and lost a total of 26kgs.

Since then together with Bek we finished a full marathon and have kept the weight off.

At the end of the most recent challenge I got down to 75.5kg, since my heaviest I have lost over 50kgs and some of my family and oldest friends don’t recognise me anymore.

We still have our hiccups but our entire lifestyle has changed for the best and we feel fantastic.

Rob McAlister, Kiama