Read the testimonials to see the amazing results our clients have achieved and how much their lives have changed for the better. With a little motivation, some guidance and training with us you can expect to achieve your goals and change your lives like all of our clients.

I Have lost 12kg since I started

IMG_1097I started my ‘official’ journey at Beachside in 2016. I joined a challenge in June weighing at my absolute heaviest. I was 6 months post birth, I had so many issues due to my pregnancy and I was caught in a slump. I had no body confidence and I knew something had to change.

My best friend Mandy asked me to join the challenge as she was a captain. After my first weigh in I cried. But it was the realisation that I knew I wanted to change. In the first 4 week I lost 27cms and 3kg and I have never looked back.

Since then I have joined Beachside’s SPT program making my goals of getting back to pre-pregnancy weight and toning my body so much more realistic. I have lost 12kgs since I have started, a hell of a lot of centimetres and gained so much confidence!

Every session since, I have gone in with the mindset of achieving my best and training my absolute hardest. I have learnt to let nothing stop me and I even bring my child to the majority of my sessions.

The Beachside culture is second to none. The passion that the trainers have has made me more motivated and inspired to continue to achieve my best. They are accepting, encouraging and supportive. It’s a gym like no other!

Monique Roberts

I’ve also dropped around 15kg!

IMG_2782Realistically my weight “journey” started 15 years ago when I had an orange sized growth removed with half of my thyroid gland. I had always been active, played sport and was a member of a gym, but with an under active thyroid no matter what I did the weight piled on.

Over the years my weight fluctuated up and down depending on if my meds were working. It wasn’t until I decided to make my health a priority that things started to take a turn for the better.

I quit my job in Perth and moved back home to “The Gong” to make this happen. I joined Beachside in September 2016 and that’s when things really started to change for me. I love the non-judgemental, supportive atmosphere that Kieran has built, and I found my love for exercise again. It is no longer a chore to workout and the days I do struggle it’s the people that get me out of bed and to training, I am even getting up earlier now and going for a run most days beforehand.

The best thing is my blood tests are the best they have been in years, my thyroid is more consistently in a healthy range, and my mental clarity is 100 times better… oh and I’ve also dropped around 15kg! I still have a way to go, but I am now actually liking the person that looks back at me in the mirror.

Jane Broadhead

The Biggest Change For Me Has Been The Change In My Mindset

CarleighPettAs I child, I spent 10 years as a gymnast. This all came to an end after a back injury which left me in years of physio, chiro and a major attitude and burnout towards exercise.

Over the past 15 years, I have always had a “gym membership” – and I was really good at donating to the facility – to say I attended even once a month would be ambitious. I had joined gym challenge after gym challenge and was left bitter to say the least.

After coming off the back of yet another gym challenge, feeling depleted, more overweight, less inspired and increasingly negative, my mum asked me to sign up for a Beachside Challenge with her.

I said no.
I said no on at least 5 occasions.

But thank goodness, persistence prevails.

I said “Yes, as long as we actually commit. I am not spending more money to not show up and feel worse about myself”

Needless to say, I caught the Beachside bug pretty early on and have been addicted ever since!

The biggest thing for me was the culture. I have never been a fan of gyms because they tend to breed ego. Beachside, being completely unique in culture breeds acceptance, family, support, encouragement, genuine care.

CarleighPett2Being a member of Beachside has played a huge part in my physical journey, but the biggest change for me has been the change in my mindset.

One of my favourite quotes says, “be kind to yourself, and then let your kindness fill the world.”

Beachside has helped me to be kind to myself, and it’s out of that capacity that every other aspect of my life has benefited – family life, friendships, my capacity at work and overall attitude….and now my biggest mission is to encourage others to also learn to be kind to themselves & see their world transformed!

Carleigh Pett

I Hated How Clothes Looked On Me

Rhiannon Anderson 2I hated what I looked like. I felt unworthy of  being loved. I felt depressed.Rhiannon Anderson1

I hated when I was invited out to parties or functions because I hated how clothes looked on me. The whole decision on what I would wear was so stressful because I didn’t feel comfortable in anything. I would often cry I felt very disappointed in my self that I had let myself get to this place.

When I joined Beachside in August 2016 that was the time I decided I was sick of feeling this way. That’s when my life changed for the better and I made time for myself again. Since then I have become stronger and healthier and a way happier person. I feel like I have found myself again. I enjoy workout again and I love who I am again thanks to Beachside Personal Trainers. I love that everyone is so welcoming!

Rhiannon Anderson

I’ve lost over 20kgs and 6 dress sizes!

IMG_0472I started my very first challenge with Beachside just over 12 months ago. I couldn’t even run 1km and don’t even get me started on the bootcamps.

I weighed almost 100kg and was so unfit and unhealthy.

At one of my first bootcamps, I’ll never forget another client helping me along- I was mid panic attack because I was so unfit and I couldn’t breathe. He pushed me through and said to me “you will be so fit in a few months time and look back and think wow how things have changed” and they definitely have.

During the first challenge I lost 5.3kg and was so happy I started crying after finding out my results.

IMG_0474Since then I have lost over 20kg and have gone from a size 16 to a size 10.
I can run a km now and many more and as much as I hate to admit it, I have started to actually enjoy running which I used to refuse to do!

I have achieved so many things I never thought I would be able to do, even being able to do proper pushups!

I seem to keep hitting one goal after the next which is so exciting and over whelming.

Through Beachside I have learnt a lot about my self and what I am capable of and have continued to push myself and will keep doing. I find I am more determined than ever since I am seeing results and I couldn’t imagine not training anymore. I love getting up in the morning and starting my day with training. Before Beachside I was never a morning person.

IMG_0475I am so so grateful for all the trainers who have helped me along my journey and to the amazing people I’ve trained with that have supported me to keep going.

I never thought I’d be where I’m at today. I feel strong and healthy and just want to keep improving myself for the best!

Kaylee Ryan