Boxing Class Shellharbour

Get fighting fierce with Beachside Boxing Class Shellharbour!

Beachside Boxing Class Shellharbour will help you to lose weight, improve your fitness and boost your confidence whilst working up a killer sweat!

Exercise wasn’t meant to be a chore. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t continue to do it which is why at Beachside Boxing we design fun, challenging sessions that will not only have you working hard but having a great time too.

No more hitting wildly at a set of pads! We start from the basics and teach you the correct techniques to protect your joints from injury and provide you with a basic knowledge of self-defence. This is a safer and more professional approach to boxing for fitness which will have you feeling fitter and stronger in no time!

Buy or hire from our range of good-quality, padded gloves at the best prices or bring your own from home if you already have some.

Beachside Boxing Class Shellharbour is a great way to burn calories so you lose weight, tone up, build strength and most importantly, super charge your fitness.

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