30 Day Challenge 2015

The 30 Day Challenge 2015 finally came to a close and if you weren’t fortunate enough to get in this year here is what went down and also quick run down of some some amazing results.

Even though the 30 Day Challenge was due to start on the 6th Nov 2015, we set our Challengers up for success well before then. Pantry clean outs, goal setting, diary organising and mindset pre-season challenges had the team busy weeks in advance and found all sorts of ways to stop excuses before they were en given a chance to come up.

Already you could see the bond forming between new and old and morning and afternoon Beachsiders at training and through our secret online community. From the very start I knew this group of ordinary people were going to achieve extraordinary things. And even though the competitive spirit is alive and well, there’s something about our Beachside Family that makes us stick together and help each other out.

There were some very nervous faces at our Baseline Measurements and Fitness Test session and that was the regulars! They were in for one of the hardest sessions they’ll ever do and the new guys didn’t know what hit them. The sessions was the perfect mix of upper body, lower body and abdominal strength and well as whole body ,muscular endurance with an overriding cardio component tying the whole test together.

It was a toughie but knowing this team would put 100% into every session I was so excited already to see how much they’d improve by in the end. Even though it was only 30 days It was a gruelling 30 days. We had a meal plan that was quite strict (in Beachside terms) but still cheap to buy ingredients for, easy to cook and tasted amazing. Even the challenger’s partners and kids loved it. It also showed in some of the partners weight loss who were eating the meals too!

The team formed an amazing bond and some great friendships. Those who usually train at the same time of the day ventured to other sessions and found even more friends and the new recruits fit in straight away and were part of the team without a worry. We had strength sessions and cardio sessions, intervals and tabatas, kettle bells and battling ropes, competitions and teamwork and the thing that stood out the most for me was how much each team member had the next team member’s back.

The biggest display of the was probably at the Final Results Tracking Session when even though all of these participants were competing against each other for over $1,000, they still high fives, encouraged and pushed each other to do better, and aim higher.

The results of the 30 Day Challenge 2015 were nothing short of remarkable. Every single person came out the other end with stronger, fitter, leaner bodies but also stronger, sharper more determined minds and probably best of all, a new bunch of friends who will always be there for them keeping them accountable and ‘on the wagon’.

Here are a few results;

Body Transformation Runner Up- Rob McAlister

Body Transformation Winner- Laure Wilson

Fitness Transformation Runner Up- Karen Ellis

Fitness Transformation Winner- John Rhodes

Total Pointscore Runner Up- Lauren Wilson

Total Pointscore Winner- Kim-Anh Byrne

Challenger’s Choice Award- Karen Ellis

Trainer’s Choice Award- Skye Mulley