Mud Muster 2015

Raining and mud everywhere, what a perfect day! Beachsider Josh Denton recaps what an awesome of highs and lows, ins and outs, overs and unders the Beachside Mud Pack had at the Shoalhaven Mud Muster 2015!

“Mud Muster 2015 was the proving ground for Beachside Personal Trainers. Even Mother Nature turned it up, raining all week leading up to the day, just to make things for lack of a better word, muddy.

The team that was waiting patiently in the drizzle for the 10:30 start time was a completely different crew that triumphantly crossed the finish line 10kms later. Standing as one in the ‘holding bay’, white shirts glowing, teeth chattering and the thrum excitement thumped in tune with AC/DC’s Thunderstruck.




And they’re off.

A belly crawl through a mud pile had the Beachside crew looking even more like a team, all in matching mud. From this point on they lived up to their team name, the Beachside Mud Pack, because after the next 10kms they looked like a dirty, muddy pack of ferals.

It was already a family event, Dads and Daughters and couples ran. Even the fearless leader’s Wife and Mum braved the obstacles. This Pack bonded over more than fitness and mud on this day. Not a Beachsider was left behind. If an obstacle was too tall everyone pitched in to lift the smaller Pack members over. Trouble braving the muddy waters of the mud pit, then a human raft was built until everyone was standing on dry ground. Bosses became main targets in a mud fight. And the finish line was crossed as a dirty, tired Pack.

Fears were conquered and bumps were worn like badges of honour. Standing atop a 3 metre shipping container with her heart in her throat, one Beachside sister wanted to turn back but through the cheers from the rest of the Pack she jumped into the dark pool below. It was hard to tell whose smile was bigger, the beachside sister or the rest of the crew.

One of the Beachsiders hesitated at the claustrophobic hale bale crawl, but locking eyes on the feet of the Pack member in the front, the dark, muddy, tight tunnel was a piece of cake.

Crossing the line as a family is even more sweeter when eating a pie and downing a hard earned beer with your trainer.”

-Josh Denton

I’d just like to add how proud I am of the whole team. Those who faced their fears and took on the challenge, those who didn’t think they could make it but came anyway and completed it, and those who helped everyone else through and never left a Beachsider behind. Awesome work Beachside Mud Pack!

This is what it means to be in the Beachside family. See you at the next event!

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