8 Week Challenge 2015

The Beachside 8 Week Challenge 2015 started for most people to stay motivated during the winter months while it was a little colder, our bodies were all covered up and there was plenty of comfort food floating around. What it turned into though was so much more…

Our Beachsiders who were past Challengers new exactly what they were in for and they were geared up and ready to go. One thing I really loved about the Challenge and just Beachside in general is the way those members of the Beachside family took the new recruits under their wings. They supported them, helped them through tough work outs, encouraged them to make the changes in their lifestyles and became genuine friends.

Move more, eat well, dream big. That’s the Beachside motto. That’s what we live by and that’s what delivers exceptional results and changes lives. Our workouts at training are graded so no matter how fit or unfit you are, training was always a challenge. It was always achievable and rewarding but never easy. The effort and intensity that the Challengers put into their training was inspirational and it showed in the results.

8 Week ChallengePete and Jacquie both hit 9.6 on the beep test, Pete completed 63 pushups in a minute, Michele smashed 118 crunches in a minute, Leah did a 7 minute squat hold and Lauren held a plank for 7 1/2 minutes! Everyone put in a massive effort at training during every session weather it was Bootcamp, Run Group, Boxing, Fit Mums or the 1 Grand Workout and you can see by the improvement of each and every challenger that moving more has paid off.

We pride ourselves not just on our training techniques and programs but also on our nutrition plan. So many programs out there cut out whole food groups, encourage unhealthy practices and expect people to follow unrealistic meal plans that could never be adhered to for life. And if it’s not for life and you’re going to go back to your old ways, you will end up just like your old self again.

Our meal plan delivered some of our best recipes yet and once again they were quick, easy, cheap wholesome and the whole family could eat it. It included all the food groups, including sweets and carbs even so no-one felt like they were going without. Some of our self proclaimed worst cooks even whipped up some delicious meals by following our simple recipes and every ingredient was easy to find in any supermarket if it wasn’t in the pantry already.

They were eating delicious meals, not starving, not missing out anything and still having enough energy to nail their training sessions and consistently losing up to and some even over a kilo every week, centimetres of their waists, body ages were dropping by 8 years, body fat levels were disappearing and lean muscle and tone was appearing. Eat well? We’ve got it down.

Last of all we had the Challengers dream big. This was the most important step because if you believe you can, then you can. The biggest and most important fight in the battle for health goes on inside your mind. If you really want something, if you are motivated enough, if you have the drive to succeed then you will. By completing certain pre season in in season tasks, weekly mini challenges, and a little homework, we assured that every Beachside Challenger was on the right path and had big goals that they HAD to achieve.

Beachside 8 Week Challenge 2015Some of Challengers were so motivated that they hit their weight loss and fitness goals by half way through the challenge! Some aimed to lose 5 kilos and ended up losing 8. Some aimed to be able to run 5km and ended up running 12! These guys hit goals that before the Challenge they had never even considered achieving. And that is what happens when you dream big.

To celebrate and relax a little we had a nice dinner and a few drinks at Mr Crown and presented the winners with a share in over $1,000 in prize money. We enjoyed good food and a beverage in moderation, because as we all know there has to be balance in every healthy lifestyle, but most importantly we enjoyed the company of our team without having to worry about sweat dripping in our eyes or weather I was about to catch you slacking off. It was a Fantastic and well deserved night out.

As always though, even though the time is up, the real challenge has just begun. We achieved amazing results during the 8 weeks but that is not the point here in the Beachside family. This is just the beginning. The point of the 8 weeks is to learn how to live a healthy life and to kick start that new healthy lifestyle that you can now maintain forever. Now we’ll dream even bigger and better and keep striving to improve with our new found friends.


Runner Up – Pete Heddles

Winner – Michele Neden


Male Runner Up – Chris Russell

Female Runner Up – Debbie Neden-Masters

Winner – Michele Neden

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