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One of our Beachsiders posted this on Facebook earlier this month and I just had share it. It really sums up how you must think in order to achieve your happier, healthier life-An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship.
Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.

We have some more stories of success and triumph today but first I have to warn you that you’re running out of time!

1 Week To Go

Preparation starts this Saturday!

The Beachside 8 Week Challenge is only a few days away and I’m afraid you’re going to miss out. If you haven’t signed up yet get to the online store and sign up straight away! Remember-

“If your are not moving forwards, you are moving backwards. There is no standing still.”

Don’t let everything and everyone pass you by. Get on board and start making changes to your lifestyle for the better while you can.

In the 8 Week Challenge you will get an unbelievable meal plan including-

  • Simple recipes that are easy to make.
  • Fast recipes you can have done in minutes.
  • Delicious flavours you’ll come back to time and time again.
  • One pot recipes with minimal fuss and minimal cleaning.
  • Meals the whole family will eat and love so you don’t have to cook 2 meals.
  • Calorie counted meals taking all the guess work out for you.
  • Ingredients you can find in any supermarket.
  • Cheap recipes you will actually save money making.
  • All your meals laid out for you plus snacks as well.

If that isn’t enough for you we also have all the amazing training sessions Beachside delivers plus special Mini Challenges each week and 8 Week Challenge Workouts to burn more fat, build more strength and boost your fitness even faster.

And don’t forget the prize money, mindset coaching, attitude adjustments, real goal setting and more importantly goal achieving!

Just like the Beachside motto – Move More, Eat Well, Dream Big- this challenge hits every angle to make sure you get the best results possible and keep them long term.

Week 0 (Preparation Week) begins this Saturday with our fitness tests and measurements.

This is it , sign up now and you won’t look back. See you soon.

Another tasty treat you can look forward to in your 8 Week Challenge Meal Plan

Member of the Month

Get Inspired

You may have read our April Member of the Month- Jess’ story already, but if you haven’t you can check out all the amazing things Jess has achieved here. She really is a Beachside legend and a very high but very quiet achiever.

Now it’s time to announce our Member of the Month for May. Big congratulations to-

Kim Anh Byrne!

Kim set herself a goal of getting to 25% body fat and has just nailed it and looks spectacular, but that’s not why she has earned the title for May. Kim works CRAZY long hours which means she has to get up at crazy hours to train (who knew alarms clocks went off before 5am?) and not only that, she has been 100% spot on with her nutrition which is just as hard, or harder for most people.

Amazing dedication Kim, well done.

The photo below was about the half way point. You should see her now! You can all look forward to seeing her results very shortly. 

If you want results like Kim’s get on board with our 8 Week Challenge. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

Kiama Fun Run

Plus Mountain to Mountain And Way More!

Next Sunday 7th June Kiama are holding a fun run to support the Red Cross. It is a great opportunity to participate in a smaller, less hectic fun run, nice and close to home. We  have some Beachsiders excited to jump in and have a go so if you’d like to join us you can get more info on our Kiama Fun Run Facebook Page.

We also have teams in the Gold Coast Marathon, City2Surf and plenty more.

But it’s not just competitive events, we are also getting together for a social active day out on Sunday 14th June for a stroll and a nice lunch at the Minnamurra Rainforest. Beachsiders and their families and friends are welcome to join us for a nice active but relaxing day out. For more info on that, click here.

Keep an eye on our Events page for all the upcoming events, competitive and social.

You can also subscribe to our Facebook Events page so you get a notification whenever a new event that might interest you comes up. Just click the subscribe button.

Speaking Of Events

Here’s Some We Prepared Earlier

Beachside has recently participated in the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon which is an amazing achievement for all who entered as not only did they have the courage to sign up for such a feat, they all finished with good times and smiles on their faces.

Beachsider Danielle captures the day in words and some photos for you right here.

We also went climbing up tree trunks, zipping through the canopy, leaping from branch to branch, scaling rock walls and had a blast at the Nowra Trees Adventure. Plenty of fears were faced and over come on that day as well as a whole heap of laughs had and smiles worn.

To read all about it and see what we were faced with Beachsider Bek sums it up perfectly right here and yes, those pictures are actually us!


Friday Morning Bootcamp

Due to popular demand we have added yet another class to the Beachside timetable.

Friday morning at 9.15am will now play host to our ever popular Bootcamp program. It is on trial for 1 month starting this Friday so if you want it to stay make sure you get down to the beach and workout with us!

The word ‘Bootcamp’ scares some people but think of it as less military and more fun group exercise outdoors. We have all ages, males and females and just like all our other classes, kids and babies are welcome along too.

If you’ve been thinking about joining up but haven’t yet, with more classes than ever on offer and the 8 Week Challenge to kick start you, now is the time.

Get your FREE Trial here.

Last Chance

Don’t Miss Out On This One

We have such an amazing group of people to help you through the 8 Week Challenge, to work out with and also to have a bit of fun with in and outside of training.

Other than the amazing results we get and the phenomenal change to our participants lifestyles and attitudes the other thing all our participants get out of our challenges is an amazing group of new friends.

We pride ourselves and hold dear to our heart, the Beachside Family culture we have crated here and it is so great to see that people who have come to our training with supportive friends now love coming to training love trying out some events with our team.

But the thing I think is the best is that they also catch up socially. Families have lunch, kids have a play, people meet for coffee or a run and everyone is there not just for themselves but for each other.

I hope we will see you for the Challenge  and make a whole bunch of new friends.

Here is the link to follow to sign up. Don’t miss out

Important Dates

Don’t forget

Sat 30th May – 8 Week Challenge Initial Fitness Tests. Info here

Sun 7th June – Kiama Red Cross Fun RunInfo here

Mon 8th June – Closed. Queen’s Birthday

Sun 14th June – Minnamurra Rainforest WalkInfo here

Sat 4th July – 8 Week Challenge Midway Fitness Tests. Info here

Sun 5th July – Gold Coast MarathonInfo here

Sat 1st Aug – 8 Week Challenge Final Fitness Tests & Dinner. Info here

Sun 2nd Aug – Mountain to Mountain ChallengeInfo here

Sun 9th Aug – City2SurfInfo here

Sun 18th Oct – Run WollongongInfo here

Sat 14th Nov – Shoalhaven Mud Muster. Info here

Kieran Sernig,
Beachside Personal Trainers

Move More, Eat Well, Dream Big