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2014 Times and Resolutions

Merry Christmas!

I hope you and your family had a fantastic Christmas

Thanks for making the beginnings of Beachside Personal Trainers such a success and being part of the foundation of our new supportive, friendly and like minded group. It is the end of a very long and pretty special year for me with lots of goals reached and amazing experiences had, most recently being our new group.

In the last two months we’ve started up our group training, made new friends and found out a little of what Beachside is all about.

Many of us were getting back into it after some time away from exercise, some of us were starting up from scratch, never having exercised before and one or two workout machines just wanted to see how far they could go.

With plenty more ‘fitness freshies’ on their way to our group in the New Year it will be you who sets the culture, the expectations and the amazing camaraderie we always develop among our fitness groups. So set your goals high, dedicate yourselves and motivate and inspire others to achieve everything you thought posible and more.


Setting the stage for an amazing year.

What’s to come is going to be bigger and better than anything we’ve seen so far. We start training back on Monday 6th January with the same timetable (posted below). Get in from the ground level while all classes are still only $5 each and just let me know that you are coming either by phone, email, Facebook or let me know at each session when your next one will be.

I will construct my classes just for you so you get exactly what you want and we can attract other like minded people and make new friends to create a very supportive network. In the last week of January things will change. You are a VIP. You are the type of person I want to fill my groups with. Positive, energetic, fun and dedicated. To produce a class of little clones of you,  You need to tell me what you like, what you don’t like and what you want out of our sessions.

I will construct my classes just for you so you get exactly what you want and we can attract other like minded people and make new friends to create a very supportive network.

We will also be introducing a whole heap of equipment and toys to play with so be prepeared!

What Do I Do Now?

Just book in.

Just email me at info@beachsidepersonaltrainers.com or you can text or call me on 0422 351 628 or you can even write on our Facebook page and let me know which sessions you would like to come to and ask me any questions you like. If it’s a last minute decision to come, you can just show up on the day but if you think you’ll be coming, drop me a line so I know who and how many to expect.

Other info-

Bring a large towel to all sessions. 

Wear comfortable clothes for working out.

Bring a drink bottle to stay hydrated and wear sun-cream.

We train half way along North Shellharbour Beach, parking is along the side of the road.

If it rains we train under the shelter at the cricket oval across from the surf club.

See You Next Week

I’m looking forward to having you back!

If you haven’t though of any New Years resolutions yet, don’t just set the old “I want t lose this many kilos” Figure out what you need to do to lose those kilos and they are your new goals.

Eg. I want to workout for at least 30 mins, at least 4 times a week all of January. Or I will only eat 1300 calories 6 days of the week. Or I will only have one row of chocolate once each week.

turn your results based goals into action based goals that achieve the result.

Can’t wait to see you in the New Year .

Kieran Sernig,

Beachside Personal Trainers

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