The Rainy Day Workout

The rainy day workout is full of exercises you can do at home even if it’s wet or cold or snowing outside. It is really so simple to get a good hard workout and burn through calories for weight loss without leaving the house. In fact you can even do it without even leaving your room!

Using just your bodyweight and some regular household items you can burn through the fat quickly and easily. No more missing workouts, sitting on the lounge, curling up in bed using the excuse it’s raining outside. It’s time you did a rainy day workout!

Follow these exercises you can do at home in either a circuit fashion or buddy them up. In a circuit do one set of each exercise and when you have done them all start again. Go through the circuit three times. Or choose two exercises and buddy them up. Perform one set of each and do that three times. Then move onto the next two exercises.

1- Pushups.

To start the rainy day workout, place your hands on a bench or table to make it easier. When you feel like you can make it harder move your hands to a chair or something lower. If you’re up to it you can move onto the next level by having your hands on the ground. And if you are up for a real challenge, leave you hands on the ground but put your feet up on a chair! Aim for 20. Once you can do 20 at one level move onto the next

2- Squats

You can do this exercise at home, or any where you can stand for that matter! Go really low and deep to make them work harder. Or to change it up a bit, place one foot on a chair behind you. Make sure you change legs.
Aim for 20 each

3- Dips

You can’t have a rainy day workout without dips! Use a chair and keep your knees bent with your feet flat on the ground. If you want more of a challenge, straighten you legs out so only your heels are on the ground. And when you are ready, try having your feet on another chair the same height as your hands.

If you can reach 20 then move to the next level.

4- Lunge Laps

Use your hallway and lunge walk up and down. If you don’t have one just walk laps around your house or room.
Aim for 20 steps and once you know you route stick to it each time.

5- Tomato Boxing

Use cans of crushed tomatoes, beans, fruit or anything else you can get your hands on for this rainy day workout exercise, and box with your arms out in front. Then try with arms straight up.
Try for 1 minute of each then count your punches in 1 minute and aim to increase it each time

6- 6 Pack or Keg

If you’d prefer 6 pack abs over a keg belly, garb a case of beer, or soft drink or big water dispenser bottle and lift it over your head. Keep your core muscles turned on so your back doesn’t end
Aim for 20

7- Crunches

Go for 30 crunches of any kind. With your feet on the ground, off the ground, knees down to one side, cross-over crunches, any that you can think of

8- The Plank

No rainy day workout is complete without a plank. Rest on your elbows and toes keeping your body completely flat for as long as you can. Time it and beat that time next rainy day workout.

So no more excuses. Get off the lounge, get out of bed, swap your slippers for trainers and get a good hard home workout in while staying dry. Make it fun and include or compete with the family!

Work harder, work smarter

Kieran Sernig

Weight Loss Shakes, Meal Replacements & Protien Powders

What Are Protein Powders?

And should I have them?

Protein powders are a supplement to your meals so you can fit a nutritious, healthy, quick and cheap meal/snack into your day. Do you need them? No. You can get everything you need from your meals, protein shakes just give a more convenient way to get it in.

What Aren't They?

Let's bust some myths.

Here are a few misconceptions about shakes, powders and potions.
  1. They don't burn your fat, it's just like eating a healthy meal but all the nutrients have been counted for you.
  2. They don't make you bulk up, again, it's just like eating a healthy meal. You have to do lots of weights to build a lot of muscle.
  3. You don't have to drink them at certain times only, it's just like eating any other food.
  4. You never use shakes as your only food source no matter what some of these crazy diets tell you!

Do I Want One?

Read on to decide.

There are a few reasons you may want a protein powder-
  1. At about $2 per meal they work out cheaper than food.
  2. If you are in a hurry they are quick to make.
  3. If you eat on the run they are easily transportable.
  4. If you don't get a lunch break or time to eat they are quick to eat.
  5. You don't need a fridge to store your meal.
  6. If you won't eat for a while, the protein shakes I recommend keep you fuller for longer.
  7. If you have a sweet tooth this is a sweet food that should satisfy your chocolate craving.
Remember, food does the same job, these are just a quick and easy version for those who need or want it.

Which One Should I Get?

Choose carefully.

CAUTION- A "meal replacement" shake has to have a certain amount of carbohydrates in it to let them print "meal replacement" on the label. If you read the nutritional label on the back of a "meal replacement" shake and then read the label on the back of a bulking or mass building or weight gainer shake, you would find they are almost identical. If you are trying to lose weight I highly recommend a protein shake that has a blend of each of these different proteins. WPI goes into your system straight away. WPC goes into your system a little slower, casein and albumen go into your system even slower again. By getting a bit of each of these in your shake, your system is then slowly fed from start to finish. It's hard to find shakes with all of these in it. Just like a Low GI meal, a high protein low sugar protein shake keeps you fuller for longer and helps keep your mood stable. You should get something that is low in carbohydrates (around 20g or less per 100g of powder). Something that is low in fat (around 5g or less per 100g of powder). And of course something high in protein (around 70g or more per 100g of powder).

One VERY Important Thing

It has to taste good.

Let's face it, it doesn't matter how good this thing is for you, if you don't like the taste you won't want it will you? I've tried a lot of protein powders and there aren't that many that taste good. I'm giving it to you straight- the best tasting protein powders in the world taste good after you're second or third shake. The first time you taste it you won't think it's that great. After a few days you get used to it and most people actually enjoy the one I like to use. Don't think it's going to taste just like a Wendy's super thick shake. Those things are loaded with sugar and fat and that's why they taste so good, but these shakes I recommend are the best I've tried, otherwise I wouldn't recommend them!

When Do You Take Them?

This bit's easy.

Your protein shake will simply replace one (or two max) of your meals or snacks in the day. Or you only use it when you know you won't get time to eat or are on the road or something similar. You can make it a regular meal every week or just you use it as any emergency meal. I have one first thing in the morning because I'm up at around 5 and don't get home for breakfast until later. I also take one with me if I have a run of sessions together and know I won't be able to get home to eat for a few hours. I don't want my body going into starvation mode and eating my muscle and storing any body fat!

Beachside Discount

I've got your back.

As always, I try and save you money where I can so I buy in bulk and can negotiate some pretty sweet deals for you and myself, so if you'd like a tub while I've got some nice and cheap, just head to the online store here and order.
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