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The First Week Appetiser

A little taster of what’s to come

This week we’ll give you a range of sessions you can expect from us through the rest of the year. And of course we’ll be adding more sessions in 2014 so you can train and get the body you want, whenever you want.

Yeah, But What Are They?


Bootcamp is outdoor group exercise. Just because it’s called ‘Bootcamp’ it doesn’t mean we are going to yell and scream and make you crawl around in the mud.

Through controlled, functional and fun exercise, we will improve your cardio fitness, increase your body strength and burn calories leading to a fitter leaner body for you to show off this summer.


In our boxing classes we teach how to punch correctly but also how to hold the pads properly so you can be assured your partner and yourself are safe. You will actually learn punches, kicks, knees, evasive maneuvers and all sorts of combos and moves that professionals are taught in the ring.

This class will boost your cardio fitness through the roof, and is great for your arms and core. your heart rate will sore, burning calories like crazy and you will also leave with a sharper mind…

Run Group-

“But I can’t run” Did you just say that to yourself ? If you did, this is perfect for you. Our run group caters for the people who;

-don’t think they can run

-have never run before but would like to try

-have run but not for a while

-have run but not very well!

-would just like to run for fun

We are a social fun group who run to get fit, lose weight and maybe even enter a few fun runs (or even marathons!) down the track. Everyone starts somewhere, most people start here.


All sessions this week are only $5 as an opening special, but of course, lucky you, your first session is FREE


All sessions will be held at the northern end of Shellharbour North Beach (opposite end to the surf club) in Eric Creary park (or Cowrie Island Reserve as named on Google maps. Run Group will start and end there but we will be leaving that area on our run.


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What Do I Do Now?

Just book in-

Just email me at or you can text or call me on 0422 351 628 and let me know which sessions you would like to come to and ask me any questions you like. You can just show up on the day but if you think you’ll be coming, drop me a line so I know who to expect.

What do I bring/wear –

Wear comfortable clothes for working out, layer if it’s cold so you can strip down as you warm up. Bring a large towel to all sessions. Sometimes you’ll be lying on it, sometimes we’ll be using them in your workouts. bring a drink bottle to stay hydrated and don’t forget to be sun smart!

See You Next Week

I’m so excited to have you on the team!

Next week will be a blast so make sure you get down to the beach for your free session and try out some others for only $5!

Can’t wait to see you there .

Kieran Sernig,

Beachside Personal Trainers

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