Shed Your Winter Coat Challenge

Winter is over, Spring has arrived and Summer will be here before you know it so it’s time for the Shed Your Winter Coat Challenge!


We all let the warming comfort food of winter get the best of us every now and then and we let ourselves get away with it because it’s winter and we’re all covered up right? But what happens when winter ends, the weather warms up and we’re still standing around with our extra layer, or ‘winter coat’?


So here is what I’m doing- I’m issuing you the challenge to shed your winter coat, spring into spring and carve yourself a new summer body to unveil! And as an added bonus, if you shed your winter coat, I’ll shed mine. You may have noticed a little extra fuzz around at Beachside HQ. Some people are a fan… most are not! So if you take on the challenge to shed a few extra kilos that were keeping you warm over the winter, I’ll shave my beard that kept me so warm over those cold winter mornings.


The Shed Your Winter Coat Challenge


To burn off as much fat as quickly as possible, the best way is to get your heart rate up nice and high by moving as much muscle as possible, as quickly as possible. What better exercise to do this than burpees?!


Burpees use the entire body and by using all muscle groups we are doing a few things;

-getting an awesome all over body workout

-strengthening your muscles

-improving your co-ordination

-making the heart workout harder to deliver energy to those muscles and thus improving your cardio fitness

-burning massive amounts of calories during AND AFTER meaning…


you burn more fat, lose more weight and shed your winter coat faster!


Here Is Your Challenge


Donate as many burpees as you can to the cause. You can donate as many as you like and as often as you like. The more burpees you do and the more often you do them the faster your winter coat disappears and mine.


When we get to 1000 burpees then I will shave off my winter coat… well most of it. I’ll be adding them all up and the person who donates the most will get to choose a beard/moustache style that I will have to wear for 24 hours before taking it all off. Personally I think the Batstache is pretty cool.


Don’t take this personally but when it comes to doing burpees I don’t trust anyone so I require proof of a few of them for your donation to count. Film yourself doing a just few of the burpees in your donation and either;

-upload it to Facebook and tag Beachside Personal Trainers

-upload it directly to out Facebook page

-email or text it to me (contact details are on our Contact Us page)

and make sure to let me know how many burpees you did via text, Facebook or email. From there you can always donate more but you don’t have to film it every time. If anyone wants to donate before or after one of our training sessions I will take care of all the details for you.


Making your trainer look like an idiot is all in a bit of fun but the main reason for the Shed Your Winter Coat Challenge is to get you moving and challenge you to see how many burpees you can do and how many days you can do it for. and to kick start you into Summer. If you are doing our 12 Week Lifestyle Transformation Challenge you will also score some bonus points for participating.


Happy burpeeing team and I’m looking forward to seeing you some them out!