Schedule Changes, New Classes and More


So Much News…

So Little Time

You haven’t heard from me for a while because we’ve been getting stuck into it hard core at training and behind the scenes. We’re still going at it like a naughty Bootcamper smashing burpees so I’ll be brief and get all this news to you as quickly as possible and I know you’re itching to get away from the computer and do a workout too!

1. Beachside Closed Business Days
2. New Class and Daylight Savings Timetable
3. The Beachside Charge So Far
4. Trees Adventure Obstacle and Flying Fox Challenge

5. Shiny New Website and a Free Trial

Closed Business Days

Write This Down-

Saturday 21st March – Closed. It is International Beachside Personal Trainer Appreciation Day (I.B.P.T.A.D.) where all Beachside Personal Trainers get a day off. Thanks for your appreciation ūüėČ

Friday 3rd to Monday 6th April – Closed. This is for the Easter holidays. There are 4 days, you get to have one chocolate egg on one of these days. Choose wisely.

Friday 10th & Saturday 11th April – Closed. I will be at the Health and Fitness Industry Convention and Expo learning new and more painful ways to whip you guys into shape even faster.

Even though Beachside is closed and I won’t be here it doesn’t mean you stop working out. You’ve done enough sessions now to be able to put a little something something together or simply head out and enjoy a run.

Daylight Savings Timetable

And A New Class

Daylight savings ends on Sunday April 5th which means we all get to sleep for an extra hour and the sun will now rise a little earlier! That’s great news for our morning sessions as we get our light back again. YAY! It also means it gets darker an hour earlier than normal in the afternoons so the flood lights come out once again, some of our run routes change slightly and…

Our afternoon sessions will start at 5.30pm instead of 6.00pm.

Ok? So clocks change on Easter Sunday, we have Easter Monday off then our first afternoon class that starts at 5.30pm will be Wednesday 8th April.

We have also added a new class to our timetable at 6.00am on Saturday which is a Run Group! And I have added a few extra runs to the rotation as well. I’ve taken on board suggestions and wishes and I think all the runners will be pleased. If you haven’t joined a Run Group class yet and are thinking about it, I recommend you get into it now. You don’t have to be able to run, that’s what the class is here for. To help you learn.

And yes that means we have Run Group at 6am and Bootcamp at 7am on Saturday. Too much? You won’t be able to do it? That’s what most people say… until they do it. Double your calorie burn, double your fitness in 2 hours of power with Beachside Super Saturday!

If you have any recommendations, time changes, class changes or requests please let me know. After all, you are the reason Beachside Personal Trainers is here. Here is the new timetable. 

The Beachside Charge

So Far

I must say I am absolutely over the moon with the efforts of all our Beachside Charge participants and everyone who has supported them through donations, minding kids so they can get away and run and just the encouraging and kind words. We have an awesome team that is doing super well!

We aimed to raise $1,000 by the end of the March Charge For Cancer and half way through we have managed to raise…

$1986.75! We’ve almost doubled it already!

And we’ve covered over 472 kilometres! Great work team and keep it up. There’s still time to join us or donate or both, right here on our page¬†The Beachside Charge. We still have two weeks to go and with our weekly Mini Challenges I have set everyone has stepped up and done a little more than even they thought they could.

I can’t wait to see how we go in the second half! Keep it up!

Trees Adventure

Obstacles and Flying Foxes!

We have an awesome group here at Beachside and love to get out and about together and challenge ourselves like the TriWollongong last weekend or sometimes just chill and have a healthy picnic breakfast together with our families like last month.

We have a few events coming up that I think you’ll love and a few more in the pipeline. You can keep up to date on our Beachside Events Page¬†and if there is an event you’d like to enter or a social event you think might be fun for the team, please contact me and let me know.

On May 9th the Beachside team will be tackling the Nowra Trees Adventure Obstacle and Flying Fox Challenge and we think you would love it. There are 6 different courses ranging from kids and beginners to adults with 77 challenges and 13 flying foxes and the team here at Beachside think it is the perfect way to prove to yourself how far you have come physically and mentally. And of course it’s just going to be an awesome day out!

For more info ¬†go to our Beachside Trees Adventure page¬†and if you’d like to go email me or join the Beachside Trees Adventure Facebook Event.

I look forward to seeing you there .


The New Website

And A Free Trial

You may have known we’ve been working hard on a shiny new website lately, or maybe you’ve already seen it. Well it’s up and ready to go and it’s shinier and more sparkly than you could imagine. Yes, just like ¬†Beachsider it looks good but more importantly, just like a Beachsider, it performs super well too!

The most important thing is that you can get all your Beachside info as quickly and as easily as possible and it certainly does that. It is a breeze to navigate, all the info you need is right at your fingertips and it even shows you how easy it is to join through our Online Store or our free App or how to pick up your free trial for one week of unlimited Group Sessions in one simple step.

Head on over to and take a look around. I think you’ll like what you see and if you’ve been to any of our sessions you may also see some familiar faces!

Important Dates

Don’t forget

Sat 21st Mar – Closed. I.B.P.T.A.D.

Fri 3rd to Mon 6th Apr – Closed. Easter Holidays

Sun 5th Apr – Daylight Savings Ends. New timetable begins

Fri 10th & Sat 11th Apr – Closed. Fitness Convention

Sat 9th May –¬†Beachside Tree Adventure. Info here

Kieran Sernig,
Beachside Personal Trainers