Oh What A Year!




What a year!

2014 is almost over. Did you complete something amazing this year? Did you achieve some goals? Are you better than you were 12 months ago? I sure hope so and I hope the Beachside family was a big help in getting you there too.


Beachside has had an amazing first year operating in 2014 and I want to say a big thank you to everyone, especially you for making that happen. We completed multiple events such as fun runs, triathlons, obstacle courses and aquathons and not only did we complete them with big team numbers, we completed them in style and had a ball. We faced fears, overcame obstacles and pushed harder and further than we thought we could.


We’ve also completed plenty of tough, regular workouts and special sessions such as the One Grand Workout as well. And of course we’ve had a lot of fun and seen plenty of smiles along the way. I am so proud of you and all my Beachsiders and what you have all accomplished, but I’m even more proud when I see how much you have grown, what you have learnt and your new found confidence.


Thank you so much for being part of our team and making Beachside Personal Trainers what it is, because without you we wouldn’t exist and we wouldn’t have the amazing sense of mate ship, support, confidence, openness that we do in our little family and we wouldn’t have the amazing positive environment we do at training everyday. So thank you so very much.

12 Week Challenge

The Results Are In!

The first ever Beachside 12 Week LIFESTYLE Transformation Challenge finished up last week and the Challengers all achieved some outstanding results. We had huge drops in weight, body fat, centimetres and body age as well awesome gains in muscle strength, endurance and cardio fitness.


Being a lifestyle transformation challenge the best result for me to see was the change in mindset and attitude of the participants. They are eating healthier, looking for opportunities to exercise and better them selves and their confidence and new self worth warms me and makes me love what I do.


Here is how it all went down-


Body Transformation

Winner – Lauren Wilson with a 14% body weight loss

Female Runner Up – Danielle Hansen with the biggest decrease in body fat percentage and increase in muscle percentage.

Male Runner Up – Greg Toohey

Angela also lost 1/4 of her body fat and both Lauren and Jenna dropped 10 years off thier body age!


Fitness Transformation

Winner – Lauren Wilson with the biggest beep test increase from level 4.5 to 8.1

Female Runner Up – Emma Brennan who holds the new record for the longest squat hold of an unbelievable 10 minutes and 37 seconds.

Male Runner Up – Rob McAlister who also led the pack with 84 pushups in one minute and 96 crunches in one minute. Rob also had the highest beep test score of the Challengers with a score of level 12.1

And Pete nailed the plank with the longest time of 6 minutes.


Overall Point Score

Winner – Lauren Wilson with 505 points

Female Runner Up – Emma Brennan with 445 points

Male Runner Up – Pete Heddles with 353 points


Challenger’s Choice Award

Winner – Danielle Hansen

This was a great award with all the challengers voting for who they find the most inspirational, who puts in the most effort, who helps out others the most and who just deserves some recognition because they are a dead set legend. The votes were spread across a lot of people which goes to show how awesome our team is. But in the end Danielle picked up the award for being “determined”, “awesome”, “inspiring”, “positive”, “beautiful inside and out” as well as her amazing results and transformation and all while dragging her two littlies along to training all the time.


Christmas Party

This all ended in a super fun night of presentations along with out christmas Party where we all got to relax and enjoy ourselves and each others company and I also go spoiled rotten. Than you so much for my gifts, which you should not have done, but I sure am putting them to good use, especially the shirts I’m sure you’ll agree 😉

Mud, Sweat & Beers

And a whole lot of fun.

One of my favourite things is seeing a new member, who is afraid of falling over doing a lunge explosion, get stronger and fitter as training goes on and seeing their confidence grow so much that they decide to take the leap and participate in a Beachside Team Event.


This year we had teams in The Colour Run, Run Wollongong, the Husky Tri as well as a few other events, and who can forget the Mud Muster. These events really build confidence and help participants realise how much they are actually capable of. The best thing is to see the look on your faces when you complete something you never though you would, like jumping off a huge container, crawling through tiny spaces, climbing walls taller than you, running further and faster than you ever have before or swimming in open water, riding a bike and running all in one race!


Here are a few pics of what we got up to in 2014 and what you can look forward to doing in 2015.

We Want You in 2015

There is so much more fun to be had

We plan on tackling a few more events in 2015 and our Beachside Family is just going to grow bigger and more fun and we want you to be part of it .


Our first big event will be Try-A-Tri Wollongong on the 7th March. If you’ve never done a triathlon before but you think you might like to try it out, this triathlon and our friendly and supportive team are perfect for you. Most of our team will be first timers and we will start training first week back in January.




This Sat 20th Dec at 6am at Beverley Whitfield pool at the harbour, we will be having an info session and mini swimming training session so you know what to do and how to practice your swimming over the 2 week Christmas holiday. Let me know if you’d like to join all our other first timers.


Some of the team will also be jumping into the Australia Day Aquathon as a little practice before Tri Wollongong in March. Keep an eye on our website and facebook page for info on how to join our team so you have all the support you need to complete the event and have the most fun!

Beachside Group Training

What we’ve achieved and what’s to come

This year we have completed more group sessions than we can count, including Bootcamp, Boxing, Run Group, Fit Mums and even No Sweat Sessions. We been tested, and pushed, gone to the edge, completed things we never thought we’d be able to and always finished with a smile.


Bootcamp has seen us get stronger and fitter completing fitness tests, One Grand Workouts, Deck of Cards Challenges, Give It Your All Circuits plus so many other hard and rewarding sessions.


The technique and skill level in our boxing sessions is always increasing and we are now floating like butterflies and stinging like bees! (And looking pretty damn good too, if you ask me!)


I’m am constantly amazed at the rate of improvement all our Run Groupers display every week. Especially those who have never run before or say they hate running. Every single one of you are getting faster and whether it’s 2km or 10, you’re all running further than you ever have before and getting faster too.


Our Fit Mums have gone from a few weeks post natal to absolute exercise machines stepping up through the progressions and joining our regular classes. And it has been an absolute pleasure watching the kids grow and learn and even join in some of our workouts.


Next year we are going to add some triathlon training into the mix starting with this Sat at 6am, don’t forget. I’m also asking for suggestions of timetable changes, class changes and anything else you can think of that will make Beachside exactly what you want. After all, you are the reason we are here and it won’t even take 1 minute. You could plank for longer 😉


Beachside Survey

Our Last Session

Work hard then relax, recharge, rejuvenate.

Our last session will be this Saturday 20th Dec.


First off, at 6am we have a free info/swim session for you to learn what to do and how to train over the holidays in preparation for the triathlon and aquathon.


Then at 7am we have our very last Bootcamp of 2014 which will be a special Christmas workout!! I have something special planned so it should be a fun workout where we can enjoy the last session. Make sure you bring your Christmas hat too!


Then we will have a nice relaxing break and do some self directed exercise and be back and ready to go Monday 5th January for our first session of 2015.

Important Dates

Don’t forget

Sat 20th Dec – 6am, info/swim session

Sat 20th Dec – 7am, Christmas Bootcamp

Sun 21st Dec – Beachside Training Christmas Break Begins

Mon 5th Jan – Beachside Training Resumes

Sunday 11th Jan – Nowra Triathlon

Monday 26th Jan – Australia Day Aquathon

Sat 7th Mar – Try-A-Triathlon For Free Wollongong

Merry Christmas

And Happy New Year.

Enjoy your break, you deserve it. Stay active, get outside, enjoy your time with your family and friends and take this time to reflect on the amazing things you’ve achieved, how lucky you are to have these opportunities and rejuvenate for the amazing year we will be having in 2015!


Thank you for being a part of the Beachside Family and I hope we can help you achieve your dreams all over again next year.


See you on Saturday!

Kieran Sernig,

Beachside Personal Trainers