My Doctor Told Me I Was Obese

At my biggest I was 83 kilos with a 5’1 stature. I was confident with how I looked until my doctor told me I was obese!

It was rock bottom! So I signed up to the gym and started to lose a little bit of weight.

I then fell pregnant again and ATE! I ate everything in sight. I ended up all the back up and past where I was to 88kilos.

My Doctor Told Me I Was ObeseOnce ollie was born I went into a deep depression, I refused to leave the house I cried everyday, I HATED my body. I was embarrassed, disgusted and even resorted to trying to become anorexic. I was desperate! Then I found Beachside. It took a bit of a push to get me started and it wasn’t easy but I had nothing to lose except my weight.

I’m now down to 58 kilos and I’ve never been happier. I started training wanting to look good in clothes but more importantly I found a new love for fitness, nutrition and the outdoors. I have so much energy, I look forward to going to the beach and running around with my 3 kids.

I’m in love with my new body, not just cause it looks good but because it’s strong and can handle whatever Kieran throws at it!

I still have jiggly bits and feel self conscious sometimes but the difference is, now I’m educated, I love exercise and have amazing new friends behind me to praise me or push me when I need it.

Leah Harvey