I was unhappy with both my look and fitness

I WAS UNHAPPY WITH BOTH MY LOOK AND FITNESSI joined up with Beachside Personal Trainers in March this year and a few people asked me why. The answer is  I looked at myself in the mirror one day and there it was. The 50 plus years was showing and everything was falling apart. I was unhappy with both my look and fitness.

I wasn't happyMichele, my daughter who had already joined with Beachside and was getting amazing results, suggested seeing as I was unhappy with both my look and fitness, that we do a hour Personal Training together. So we started our Personal Training together and things quickly started to improve. In only one month’s time I did my first run at 5.58km in 40.54.
Then along came the 8 week challenge. I joined up but before it had really even started I actually tried to pull out. I didn’t think I’d be able to keep up or complete the challenges that had been set. But with encouragement from Kieran, I am so happy that I stuck to it and haven’t looked back. Before the challenge had even finished I had well surpassed my goal with an 11.73km run non-stop!

In 8 weeks I also lost 8 kilos, reduced my body fat, increased my muscle, doubled my push ups and even took 8 years off my body age and 16cms off my waist alone!

Debbie Neden-Masters, Albion Park