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The regular Beachside membership fee is usually $39 but if you join before the Term 1 Block starts on Tuesday the 28th you will only pay $19 and your Beachside membership is for LIFE. Only one fee and you are a part of the family for as long as you like.

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Term 1 Training Block

Included sessions and dates

Our term 1 training block runs in line with the school term so you can participate whether you’re going on holidays or not. We kick off on Tuesday 28th January (Monday being the Australia Day Public Holiday) and we run right up until Saturday 12th April. Within that time we’ll be offering 11 Group Sessions each week and of course Personal Training as well.

Every session is included so your sessions credits can go towards any session you like, at any time you like within the 11 week block. With prices starting at $2.50 per session you’d be crazy not to come along. Don’t forget we are already training so if you’d like to try out a few one-off sessions here and there before the 11 weeek block starts just jump in on of the sessions below. Here is what the timetable looks like.

What Do They Involve?


Bootcamp is outdoor group exercise. Just because it’s called ‘Bootcamp’ it doesn’t mean we are going to yell and scream and make you crawl around in the mud.

Through controlled, functional and fun exercise, we will improve your cardio fitness, increase your body strength and burn calories leading to a fitter leaner body for you to show off this summer.


In our boxing classes we teach how to punch correctly but also how to hold the pads properly so you can be assured your partner and yourself are safe. You will actually learn punches, kicks, knees, evasive maneuvers and all sorts of combos and moves that professionals are taught in the ring.

This class will boost your cardio fitness through the roof, and is great for your arms and core. Your heart rate will sore, burning calories like crazy and you will also leave with a sharper mind…

Run Group-

Did you just say “yeah but I can’t run”? Then this is perfect for you. Our run group caters for the people who;
-don’t think they can run
-have never run before but would like to try
-have run but not for a while
-have run but not very well!
-would just like to run for fun

We are a social fun group who run to get fit, lose weight and maybe even enter a few fun runs down the track. Everyone starts somewhere, most people start here. We track all our sessions together so you can see how much you improve by each week.

Fit Mums-

Our fit Mums classes are run especially for mums. We choose our exercises and method of delivery very carefully and every exercise has specific levels for you depending on where you are through your recovery from child birth.

And you can bring your little ones along if you like, or come child free to make it some “mummy time” for you to relax (but not too much) and have fun with the great girls we have in our group.


All sessions except Fit Mums are held half way along Shellharbour North Beach on the big grassy area, or sometimes on the beach. Run Group will start and end there but we will be leaving that area and later returning on our run. Fit Mums is held at the athletics oval at Croome Road, Albion Park Rail.

What Do I Do Now?


Just email me at info@beachsidepersonaltrainers.com or you can text or call me on 0422 351 628 and let me know which sessions you would like to come to and ask me any questions you like. Then you can either drop into a session over the next 2 weeks or we can have a chat about which session package suits you best.

Only 1 Week Left!

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Can’t wait to see you at training. We’ve got a great group started and I’d love you to become a part of it. Every session’s a blast when you’re having fun training with friends.

Kieran Sernig,
Beachside Personal Trainers

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