Do Muscles Help Lose Weight?

Yes. Muscles help lose weight. In fact, they are your strongest weapon in burning fat and keeping it off longer, as well as whole range of other reasons and amazing health benefits you get for building and maintaining your muscle. Research and evidence is quickly building up and up on the effect muscle mass has on your level of body fat as well a whole spectrum of other lifestyle health issues.

Now more than ever, resistance training should become part of your regular exercise plan. There are so many fitness fads, pills and potions out there that sometimes it is hard to know what to believe, but with all of that aside, one thing is for sure – in your fight against the bulge, muscles help lose weight.

Muscles Help Lose Weight, 44% more actually!

That’s right. A recent study at Tufts University in the US showed that women who follow a weight loss diet combined with weight training exercises lost 44 per cent more fat than women who only followed the diet. And I emphasise that they lost 44% extra fat, not just weight.

You see, I have been preaching this for so long my throat is getting sore! So forgive me if you’ve heard this from me a thousand times before, but- dieting without exercise will only make you fatter. When women diet, at least 25-30 per cent of the weight lost isn’t actually fat. It is water, muscle, bone and other lean tissue. That’s why you gain all your weight back and even more, because you just lost the lean tissue which is what burns your fat in the first place.

How Do Muscles Help Lose Weight?

People on restrictive diets are slowing their metabolism because the calorie intake is so low your body goes into safety mode and tries to prolong it’s life as long as possible by burning muscle instead of fat. And when muscles help lose weight, you’ve got a problem. Then your metabolism goes down, you find it harder to lose weight and when you starting eating normally again your metabolism is slower than before and you pile on more weight than before and faster.

I don’t think I need to convince you anymore that muscles help lose weight but check out this stat. 1 kilogram of muscle will burn about 627 to 1465 kilojoules per day while a kilo of fat will only burn around 20. So it makes perfect sense to not only preserve your muscle mass, but build it. And don’t worry, building large amounts muscle mass and bulking up depends majorly on hormones levels that females just don’t have.

Don’t We Lose Muscle As We Age?

After the age of 20 you can lose muscle tissue at a rate from 2.2kg to 3.2kg every 10 years without training them. As muscles help lose weight, we need to keep up the training as you get older to stop this muscular atrophy and also the middle age spread!

Toning is more about losing fat than building muscles. With too much body fat your skin can sag, your body will look soft and undefined. Just by building a little muscle we can raise your metabolism, burn more fat, increase your definition and improve your shape.

Help Your Muscles Help Lose Weight

Firstly, do away with small one joint small muscle exercises like bicep curls. The more muscle you use, and the more weight you move, the more energy you will burn and the more fat you will shed! Use big body movements like lunges and push-ups to burn the maximum amount of fat in the minimum amount of time. And make it hard. Intensity is the key. As long as you can control the movement safely, make it as hard as possible for yourself.

For the first few weeks you might not see a difference in the scales, but you will find your clothes are getting loser, your body is tightening up and you shape is changing. Muscle weighs more than fat so a small increase in muscle and a larger decrease in fat will keep the scales pretty close but will make you smaller and more defined.

Don’t forget the other benefits either. As your muscles help lose weight, they also increase your strength making day-to-day tasks easier, strengthen bones, increases balance, flexibility, mobility and also, your mental health.

Although it is very cool that as any exercise will burn fat while you do it resistance training your metabolism burning for up to 39 hours afterwards! Imagine how you quickly you could change your body and life training hard every second day!

Work harder, work smarter

Kieran Sernig

Wollongong Aquathon

Wollongong Aquathon
Grab your new, fancy 2015 calendar and jot this date down; 26th January, Wollongong Aquathon, Australia Day! There's no better way to celebrate this beautiful country we live in than a quick dip in our beautiful ocean followed a healthy jog along the coast with a view of the golden sand and a lungful of fresh coastal air. Do the whole thing yourself or split it with a friend, the main thing is you have the fun and supportive Beachside team around you and you enjoy every minute. And don't worry, there is an event and distance for everybody!   The Wollongong Aquathon is on Monday 26th January and events start between 6am and 9am. You can choose to do the following events in full or be part of a relay team where one person swims and a second person completes the run.   Ladies TryAqua - 200m swim & 2km run Short Aqua - 400m swim & 3km run Long Aqua - 900m swim & 7km run   The swims take place in the safe and calm waters of Wollongong Harbour and the run is mostly along cycle-way paths and a little on grass. There is a distance to suit everybody so join the Beachside team and give it a go with the rest of us. In the TryAqua you have a lead paddler showing you the way and are escorted by lifesavers along the swim and you can even use flippers if you feel you need to. There's nothing stopping you!   Entry fees for the Wollongong Aquathon start at $40 for the shorter races and go up $60 for the longer races.   To sign up;   1-  Click Here then choose your event and click continue.   2- Sign in, fill out your personal details and click YES to "Are you part of a team". Our Group name is Beachside Babes.   3- Then all you have to do is agree to the waiver and checkout.   4- Jump over to our Aquathon Group Facebook Page and say your coming to keep up with everything happening. 00-slider-1 Every Saturday at 6am Beachside Personal Trainers are holding Free sessions at Beverley Whitfield pool down at Shellharbour that anyone is welcome to join so you can get some tips and get to know the great team you will be having a ball with on the day.   If you have any questions about the Wollongong Aquathon, there is an event FAQ here. Or f you have any questions about the training or our team you can email or call me (Kieran) using the contact details at the bottom right hand corner of this page.   But here are some preparation tips to help get you started-  

Swimming outdoors is different to swimming in a pool. Practice swimming in different environments (check safe first) as rock pools, lakes, harbours, and protected beaches. The main difference is not having a black line to follow, and no wall to rest on, plus you may need to lift head up and arms more from the water (to see and lift above swell). Whilst swimming in an event aim to observe and follow the more experienced swimmers.

Wollongong Harbour is mostly protected and offers shelter from the seas and most winds but it can get bumpy depending on tide and water activity. The water is mostly clean and you can see the bottom on most days.   Lifeguards patrol the waters and as a small boat harbour, it is well away from any commercial large vessels.   Build up distance. If your aim is 200m (kids or ladies tryaqua) or the short (400m swim) or long (900m), work up to achieving half of the distance in one go. Once you achieve this, add two lots of half distance (ie 200m + 200m with a minute or two rest), than reduce the ‘rest’ to when you can pretty well make the full distance – ideally aim to cover 100-200m more than the event distance before the event day.   OPEN water practice: Try rock pools, protected beaches, harbours, lakes and safe open water venues to get used to no black line, bumpy conditions and feeling of ‘open water swim’ grab a Beachside teammate, book a 1-on-1 or private group PT session in by yourself or with a friend or two and of course come to our free group training sessions on Saturday morning. Get the correct gear: swimmers and a good pair of googles is all you need but for those that want extra floatation (for speed and/or comfort) a wetsuit can make a large difference. get-aqua-ready

• For most people the majority of training will be done in a pool. If it’s your first open water swim, aim to complete a distance a bit  further than the event

• You may need to breathe to a side you’re not used to because of swell, other competitors or to help sighting, so try and practice breathing to both sides.Bilateral breathing is better for training anyway because it keeps your stroke balanced.

• You don’t need to just do long distance swims to train for an open water race.Sets of shorter repetitions with rest intervals work well when combined with longer distances, plus they keep training interesting.

• The more efficient your stroke is, the easier it is to swim further. Practice trying to extend each arm pull, and aim to do less strokes per length while keeping your rhythm smooth.

• Get help: join our swim group and run group, come every week and you'll be surprised how quickly your swimming and running fitness develops.

Enter the Wollongong Aquathon Today

  Enter Here making sure to join the Beachside Babes Team (yes, even males. Sorry about the name boys) and don't forget to join our Aquathon group on Facebook to keep up to date with everything Beachside/Aquathon. WOOHOO  


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